This Is Microlearning: Reality Or Delusion?

Microlearning has established its place within the company coaching sector, however the opinions surrounding its effectiveness differ. Some hail microlearning, saying it could exchange any coaching course and tackle any topic. Why bore workers with lengthy programs when microlearning can obtain the identical, and even higher, outcomes sooner?

Others have equally robust emotions, however in the other way, claiming that microlearning solely brushes over the subject and offers fragmented items of data. It has no actual instructional worth. Microlearning is a joke!

As regular, the reality is someplace within the center. Like all coaching supply strategies, microlearning has advantages and downsides, use circumstances and no-gos. This text explores the commonest truths and myths about microlearning. Learn on to find what microlearning will help you with and the place its limitations lie.

It’s True: What Microlearning Can Assist You With

Simply because it’s small, it doesn’t imply you need to look down on it. Microlearning is a strong coaching instrument that deserves to be taken severely. Right here’s what microlearning will help you with.

1. Microlearning Facilitates Data Retention

It’s a scientifically indisputable fact that chunking info will increase the capability of our short-term reminiscence. (That’s why we memorize phone numbers by dividing them into teams of three or Four digits.) Microlearning is essentially based mostly on content material chunking, within the sense that every module focuses on one studying goal or ability at a time. Subsequently, learners obtain an quantity of data their brains can simply retain.

Then, there are two extra methods microlearning facilitates data retention. One, microlearning content material is brief and extremely focused. Subsequently, it doesn’t trigger info overload except, for some purpose, learners determine to undergo each course on the agenda. And two, as a result of it’s simplified, simple, and blabber-free, microlearning content material can also be simple to understand with out a lot effort.

2. Microlearning Can Prepare Staff Sooner

If the ability you need to develop might be sufficiently educated utilizing microlearning assets, then microlearning will help you practice workers sooner.

It’s not simply that microlearning programs are, by definition, quick. Microlearning brings outcomes sooner than longer programs as a result of it affords very focused info and will get straight to the purpose. Consider it as that one that doesn’t waste any time beating across the bush or making pointless introductions.

Velocity and effectiveness make microlearning the proper alternative for coaching that’s pressing however doesn’t want to enter an excessive amount of depth. When it’s essential to practice seasonal retail workers, for instance. Deploying a microlearning course, you may train them product data, register administration, and even important gross sales abilities in a few weeks or much less.

The problem when growing a microlearning course as a alternative for a long-form one is managing to make it complete. You need to deal with a microlearning course like another course and never throw a bunch of random movies to your workers.

To attain higher outcomes, create a content material plan and a transparent studying path, use quite a lot of content material, and save every little thing in a single centralized repository. Investing in microlearning software program will aid you arrange an efficient microlearning course very quickly.

3. Microlearning Can Be Used For On-Demand Coaching

The commonest microlearning examples contain on-demand studying. Even the stronger microlearning opponents can’t deny {that a} bite-sized coaching repository is God despatched in the mean time of want.

Let’s say {that a} gross sales rep is on their strategy to meet a possible shopper, and as they play their gross sales pitch of their thoughts, they notice they’ve forgotten the completely different low cost plans. Or think about a nurse who’s about to manage a brand new drug to a diabetes affected person however is just not fairly certain in regards to the potential unwanted side effects. If these workers have entry to a microlearning library, they’ll shortly discover the data they want and keep away from showing unprepared or make a harmful mistake.

Each examples had been about cell workers. Why? To level out that microlearning assets might be greatest used as a moment-of-need instrument once they’re cell pleasant. And if you wish to do it 100% proper, use a microlearning app. TalentCards, for instance, is developed with the wants of cell learners in thoughts. It affords options that mean you can create intuitive and interesting microlearning programs for big-time outcomes!

4. Microlearning Reduces Coaching Prices

Chew-sized programs are more cost effective as a result of they are often produced rather a lot sooner. A 5-minute video, for instance, takes much less time to be produced than a 20-minute video, even when the identical quantity of individuals are concerned. Fewer hours labored imply fewer prices.

For a similar causes, microlearning programs are additionally rather a lot simpler, faster, and cheaper to replace. And that’s simply when evaluating microlearning to eLearning programs. When in comparison with on-site coaching, the distinction in improvement value is much more noticeable.

That mentioned, the decrease improvement value is just not a superb purpose to construct a microlearning course. Select microlearning provided that the coaching matter permits for it. In any other case, workers gained’t achieve something from coaching, and you should have wasted everyone’s time and firm assets.

That’s A Delusion: What Microlearning Can’t Assist You With

Microlearning is just not the reply to all of your training-related issues. Let’s bust some widespread microlearning myths, and discover out what microlearning can’t aid you with.

1. Microlearning Drives Learner Engagement

One of the vital widespread microlearning myths is that microlearning content material is enjoyable and interesting. However there’s fairly a logical leap there. Microlearning content material is brief. This doesn’t robotically make it enjoyable and interesting. (This fable in all probability began from the entire “the very best perfumes are available small bottles” story, proper?)

Simply because one thing is small, doesn’t imply it’s cute or participating. A 3-minute video nonetheless must get straight to the purpose, function lovable or quirky characters, and use humor. An infographic must comprise charts and crowd pleasing graphics, and never only a bulk of textual content.

The purpose is, you may’t get away with boring content material simply because it’s bite-sized. Learners may sit via a uninteresting microlearning video as soon as, however they gained’t watch an entire sequence of them.

What microlearning truly helps with is the quick consideration span drawback. As a result of microlearning assets are quick, they normally handle to seize learners’ consideration; therefore, the parable that microlearning will increase engagement.

2. Microlearning Is Excellent For All Sorts Of Coaching

Properly, sure and no. You may definitely provide an entire course in a microlearning format if the subject is straightforward and doesn’t require a lot clarification. You may improve your staff’s tender abilities with microlearning programs, for instance. What’s extra, microlearning assets are versatile sufficient to suit as complementary studying materials in virtually any course.

Some subjects, nonetheless, require hands-on demonstration, plenty of guided observe, or they’re simply too advanced to clarify in a couple of quick minutes. That is the place microlearning is a no-go.

It’s completely advantageous to create an infographic outlining the steps to function a brand new piece of equipment. However would you rely totally on a sequence of infographics or microlearning movies to coach your warehouse employees with out exhibiting them in particular person learn how to do it? We hope not.

Microlearning programs usually are not splendid for all workers both. New or inexperienced workers, for instance, cannot be adequately educated briefly bursts. They want extra detailed and intensive coaching to grasp the context of your corporation and domesticate their abilities to a passable degree.

3. Microlearning Facilitates Sensible Software

Once more, this one is just not totally a microlearning fable, however it’s deceptive.

Microlearning can be utilized to clarify in consecutive, clearly outlined steps even advanced processes, like machine dealing with. And since it really works in a “watch, be taught, and apply” form of manner, you may say that it facilitates sensible utility by giving directions that can be utilized on the spot.

However does microlearning assist construct and hone the abilities mandatory for handbook or technical duties? Can it hone, to a complicated degree, difficult tender abilities like negotiation? Not likely.

Sensible utility might be facilitated with nothing apart from sensible utility itself. On-the-job coaching, role-playing, and simulations are essentially the most appropriate strategies to facilitate hands-on observe in order that workers develop competencies they’ll apply on the job.

4. Constructing Microlearning Programs Is Low-cost

Wait, didn’t you say that microlearning reduces coaching improvement prices? Sure, however that doesn’t imply it’s low value. A complete and interesting microlearning course nonetheless requires a substantial funding.

For example, it’s essential to create quite a lot of content material, together with quizzes, movies, infographics, and even podcasts and video games. And identical to you do when growing a coaching course by yourself, it’s important to seek the advice of a Topic Matter Skilled, an Tutorial Designer, and put money into coaching software program.

So, sure, microlearning helps minimize down on coaching prices. However in case you are searching for a zero-cost answer, maybe it’s essential to revisit your coaching technique.


Now that you simply’ve discovered what microlearning is and isn’t, you can also make an knowledgeable choice about whether or not it fits your coaching wants or not. Whether or not you’re a microlearning fan or not, although, you may’t deny that there’s all the time room for microlearning in company coaching. Not as a result of it’s small—microlearning is ideal for turning difficult into easy and for Simply-In-Time studying too. Who would say no to that?

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